Friday, September 16, 2011

Vest Project and Tutorial

Let me just say, first off, that mosquitoes in the south are horrible. I've been meaning to do this shoot for a while; after all, I did finish the project on Sunday. But things came in the way- I got sick, I had school, etc, etc. So, when Friday finally rolled around, I decided to give it ago! However, in the process, I managed to get eaten alive by those darn skeeters. My ankles are currently the size of grapefruits. Anywho, onto the project!
I recently found a lovely tutorial, posted by "Nay" of Sweet Lemonayde, a teen sewing blog just like mine! I thought her idea was cool, and decided to make my own. I made some alterations to the design, like adding a band to the bottom to give it more shape. Over all, I'm actually pretty pleased with the result! I used navy blue sweathshirting fabric, and overlocked the seams. I bound the armholes and pockets with bias binding tape, also in navy. Also, I know I look kind of weird in the pictures. It's hard to keep a normal expression when you can see a little black vampirette on your leg.
The blue and navy shirt that I am wearing under the vest is an Aeropostale V-Neck. I am wearing American Eagle Cropped Skinny jeans, and Route 66 Shoes :)
To access Nay's tutorial, click here!

I loved the wildnerness background we used for the shoot!

This was my first time doing an exposed zipper, and it turned out quite well!

Sorry about my weird expression. That's me wondering: How much longer do I have to stand here getting bit to death?

I love the way the band turned  out! This vest is definatley my new fall/winter staple!

Crossing the creek! Again, I am not very photogenic haha :)

Happy Sewing,
Lilly! :D


  1. Personally I like yours more than mine... I made mine out of some weird stretchy workout fabric. I must go buy some sweatshirt fabric!!! Even if it's so darn expensive...

  2. Hello! I really like your blog and I like lots of your projects. I'm fairly new to sewing are have just set up my blog. I'm a teenager too, and I hope you will check it out!


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