Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twists and Turns: The Twister Top Pattern by "apfelbluete"

I don't know what it is about this pattern- but sewing it is strangley addicting. First of all, it only takes an hour. Second of all, the end result is awesome looking! The tight arm, and the opposing batwing one looks so cool- it's kind of a optical illusion but made with a needle and thread! Try altering this mini into a top, pair with aviators and jean shorts, and top it all off with a slouchy beret for a look that's totally unique!
Click here for the pattern! As usual, check out these member project to help you decide whether this look is for you!

By irmchen

By Philomenia
By apfelbluete

Happy Sewing!
Lilly :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Style File

To me, sewing is a way of expressing myself. In the same way some can let creativity flow through a paint brush, or others through song, my creativeity flows through a machine- a beautiful, clothes making machine.
Okay, come on, even I know that sounded lame. Usually when people make their own clothes, this awesome gift also comes with a pretty sharp sense of style. Many of my readers have requested a forum to showcase their own personal style- whether through sewing or just pieces you've collected here and there! Starting next week, I will be accepting submissions to the new STYLE FILE Page. So put together your best outfit, and send it to me to post! And who knows? Maybe a prize or two will be included! To enter, please email all submissions to teensew@gmail.com and fill out this form. (Don't worry, it doesn't take long!
1. Name of My Oufit or Ensemble
2. Where you got it, if thrifted etc (nullify if sewn)
3. Your blog or personal website
4. A short description of your outfit or ensemble (ie, This outfit consists of a thrifted handbag in perriwinkle blue, paired with my favorite American Eagle Skinny jeans and a plaid button down)

Thanks for entering!
If you plan on entering, please leave a comment below. I'll need ideas for future giveaways and prizes as well!
Lilly :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Burn Notice and New Patterns

Blogging wise, I have gotten quite side-tracked. I blame it on my obsessive watching of my favorite show, Burn Notice, but I know that that's not the case. But it's pretty much irresistable- I love spies shows! Plus, they film in Miami, a place I have always wanted to visit. Blue, Blue water, Golden Beaches, what's not to love!?
Anywho, this fall season is all about slim sillohuetes and colors like black and gray. This skirt can be just that! The Kasia skirt is a super-cute pencil skirt with decorative buttons and contrast (well, it doesn't have to be :D) pockets. Try it in a sensible ash gray wool and line the pockets with a slick black cotton and cloth buttons for a look that's perfect for the work place or just strolling around town! Check out these member projects:

Happy Sewing!
Lilly :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthdays and Feathers!

So yah, I was a little late to the feather train. Personally, I think that this new fad really has something going- It actually looks really cool! My birthday was last week, and for it I was allowed a feather! But as we went around to various salons, I found that the picking was slim. But then I found it- the perfect feather! It's a powder blue, with those little grizzly stripes that I've come to love! My hairdresser also put in "tinsel." It is what it says it is: Sparkly pieces of tinsel for your hair! I aso got aviator sunglasses, which I sooo heart. So here's to happy birthdays, huh?
I <3 these aviators!

It's on the left side of my horrible fishy face- lol!

Peace Love Feathers!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vest Project and Tutorial

Let me just say, first off, that mosquitoes in the south are horrible. I've been meaning to do this shoot for a while; after all, I did finish the project on Sunday. But things came in the way- I got sick, I had school, etc, etc. So, when Friday finally rolled around, I decided to give it ago! However, in the process, I managed to get eaten alive by those darn skeeters. My ankles are currently the size of grapefruits. Anywho, onto the project!
I recently found a lovely tutorial, posted by "Nay" of Sweet Lemonayde, a teen sewing blog just like mine! I thought her idea was cool, and decided to make my own. I made some alterations to the design, like adding a band to the bottom to give it more shape. Over all, I'm actually pretty pleased with the result! I used navy blue sweathshirting fabric, and overlocked the seams. I bound the armholes and pockets with bias binding tape, also in navy. Also, I know I look kind of weird in the pictures. It's hard to keep a normal expression when you can see a little black vampirette on your leg.
The blue and navy shirt that I am wearing under the vest is an Aeropostale V-Neck. I am wearing American Eagle Cropped Skinny jeans, and Route 66 Shoes :)
To access Nay's tutorial, click here!

I loved the wildnerness background we used for the shoot!

This was my first time doing an exposed zipper, and it turned out quite well!

Sorry about my weird expression. That's me wondering: How much longer do I have to stand here getting bit to death?

I love the way the band turned  out! This vest is definatley my new fall/winter staple!

Crossing the creek! Again, I am not very photogenic haha :)

Happy Sewing,
Lilly! :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Talea Coat

Autumn is a knocking on our door steps and chilly days will soon be ahead! So what better than to sew yourself up a cute winter coat? I love this pattern with its purposeful pockets and military style epaulets. But this style is versatile- make it a khaki ripstop for that classic grunge look or a playful plaid for a look that's totally modern! This delightful pattern was drafted by Burdastyle, and as usual is free! Here are some pictures of the completed projects-
I absoutley love junespoon's rendition of this jacket! The buttons and military style detailing make it the perfect pick for a cold winter day!

This plaid Talea is my idea of a cozy fall day- I absolutley love the fabric!
Yay! Photo Shoot Tommorow! I just finished up sewing my "hooded vest." It turned out soooo cute!
Happy Sewing,
Lily :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crop Top Photo Shoot

For this epic shoot, my sister, dad, and I hit the beach! We came in the evening, so the sun was just setting as we took the pictures. Notice the cute color blocked details on this crop top! To download the pattern, click here. And, as customary, here are the pictures!

<3 You Hannah!

TeenSew Summer 2011

These cute and sensible pattern pair works well with any figure or fabric! Pair this flutter sleeve cardi and vintage bias trimmed mini dress with a broad leather belt around the waist to add a subtle sillohuette.
Here's some pictures of the finished products :)

by parze
by tricksy
by mikabak
Happy Sewing!
Lilly :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Starts!

School is in full swing, and I regret to say that I haven't been doing much sewing. However,  I have managed to finish the crop tops, and you can expect to see a photo shoot by Monday at the latest! Yay! So, anyway, here's the latest pattern I found- the T-shirt Mini! Throw it on over some leggings and pair with boots for a total urban chic look!
Here's the URL! http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/t-shirt-mini-dress
And, as customary, the pics
Now, the original pattern has so so cute 3/4 length sleeves. Check it out!
by dixieledy
Happy Sewing,
PS. I have found a goldmine of new patterns, and will be sharing them daily! Check back every evening for new stuff!

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