Monday, September 26, 2011

Style File

To me, sewing is a way of expressing myself. In the same way some can let creativity flow through a paint brush, or others through song, my creativeity flows through a machine- a beautiful, clothes making machine.
Okay, come on, even I know that sounded lame. Usually when people make their own clothes, this awesome gift also comes with a pretty sharp sense of style. Many of my readers have requested a forum to showcase their own personal style- whether through sewing or just pieces you've collected here and there! Starting next week, I will be accepting submissions to the new STYLE FILE Page. So put together your best outfit, and send it to me to post! And who knows? Maybe a prize or two will be included! To enter, please email all submissions to and fill out this form. (Don't worry, it doesn't take long!
1. Name of My Oufit or Ensemble
2. Where you got it, if thrifted etc (nullify if sewn)
3. Your blog or personal website
4. A short description of your outfit or ensemble (ie, This outfit consists of a thrifted handbag in perriwinkle blue, paired with my favorite American Eagle Skinny jeans and a plaid button down)

Thanks for entering!
If you plan on entering, please leave a comment below. I'll need ideas for future giveaways and prizes as well!
Lilly :)

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