Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthdays and Feathers!

So yah, I was a little late to the feather train. Personally, I think that this new fad really has something going- It actually looks really cool! My birthday was last week, and for it I was allowed a feather! But as we went around to various salons, I found that the picking was slim. But then I found it- the perfect feather! It's a powder blue, with those little grizzly stripes that I've come to love! My hairdresser also put in "tinsel." It is what it says it is: Sparkly pieces of tinsel for your hair! I aso got aviator sunglasses, which I sooo heart. So here's to happy birthdays, huh?
I <3 these aviators!

It's on the left side of my horrible fishy face- lol!

Peace Love Feathers!

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