Monday, July 18, 2011


It's summer, and what does that mean? Va-ca-tion! At approximatley o'dark thirty, I will be leaving for the thrill of my summer. The only problem is, no electronics... Which means no blogging :( But feel free to comment, check out the site... And don't worry! I'll still be sewing!


  1. Totally hope you have fun! I just found your blog and am SO glad I did. I'm totally in pattern heaven. I've looked around BurdaStyle a little bit, but you've definitely found some gold. I'm definitely going to try some. Seriously, thanks so much for sharing all those patterns. It's great to see some other crafty teen bloggers around blogland! I'm now following :)

  2. Oh yes! Another comment from me! Check this out please :)


Thanks for commenting! Feel free to leave your website name- I'll be sure to check out what your needle and thread have been up to lately! <3 Lilly

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