Monday, May 28, 2012

Cue the Beach Boys: Beach Bag Edition

With only a week or so of school left, I bet you already probably know what's on my Floridian mind: The beach. After a fruitless spring of sewing, I've decided that during this vacation, nothing's gonna stop me from creating the stuff of my dreams. This post is a compiliation of all the components for a day of fun in the sun, along with tutorials and fabric suggestions. Have fun!

I bet that most all of you have a trusty beach bag (probably not just one) tucked away in some corner of your house. But if mine's anything like yours, its drab. After all, just because there's a little sand involved doesn't mean that we have to throw style to the wind, right? Here's a few patterns that caught my eye when looking for this essential piece.

Refresh With Mesh: This Beach Bag is made mostly with mesh and just a bit of grosgrain ribbon- cute and functional!
The End Result:
My picks: Try using an ocean blue toned mesh with tangerine ribbon for a fun summer look!

Find the Instructions at this URL:

Upcycled Towel Bag: This project is great for achieving a patchwork look and it uses up scraps of towels, too. If you don't want to part with any of yours, just go to a dollar store- they will have cheap finds there that will serve the purpose quite nicely!

The End Result:

My Picks: If you don't want to use scraps from an array of towels, try just making it out of one- you can either use the squares and follow the tutorial, or you can cut off two two inch strips from the short ends of the towel and then sew up the long sides. Try using a zebra print towel and neon green straps for a "totally teenage" (that term was "crazily cheesy") look.

Find the Instructions Here:

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I reveal cute patterns/ tutorials for SWIMSUITS, sunhats, COVERUPS, and more!
Happy Sewing,

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