Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cue the Beach Boys: Coverups

It might just be me, but I think it's kind of awkward to just walk around in a bikini, when you aren't in the water or sprawled on the sand. My favorite is the ol' tshirt and shorts combo- but this spring I decided to get creative and from my own pattern, make a romper. Needless to say, it didn't work out so well, as I haven't posted anything on it. It was basically due to my ditziness; I sewed the wrong pieces together. So I don't know if I may continue, but if I don't, here's a few of my other pics.

Romper: This style is my ideal beach cover up- it's so easy to slip on and off for impromptu dips after a bit of tanning (not that I tan, us redheads BURN).
My favorite pattern has probably been already posted, but I'll post it again!
LINK: Click here to access the free pattern!
This particular pattern as cute details that make this cover up stellar- such as the subtle ruching on the bodice! Check out some past projects made with this pattern!
Sorry it's so tiny! The full picture included the maker's head, and I didn't want to violate privacy. Don't worry, you can find it on the sewer's BurdaStyle page: Heleen de Haan.

Romper #2: This pattern is slightly classier, with belt loops and a V Neck, but it is still perfectly awesome for the beach. My advice? Buy a cute Hawiann Floral for a perfect swimsuit match!
Link: Access this free pattern here!
Some Finished Products:
But Romping aside, there's plenty of other ways to cover yourself up. Take sarongs, for example. Though slightly tinier then my past two options, they are a great way to go from the beach to your next destination!
Sarong #1: This sarong is more of a dress option- basically just a rectangle that you can tie- but that leaves lots of room for variation in length! Try making one in a cute print!
Link: To access the tutorial, click here.

Sarong B: This is the skirt variation, with a tutorial from a different site.

Link: To access the tutorial, click here.
What the end result looks like:
Sorry that this isn't the best post ever- but it still has lots of good information and places to find great sewing patterns without spending a dime.
So Happy Sewing!
Lilly :)


  1. Hey Lilly! So I just started a blog that is mainly for interior design, but I do plan on posting sewing-related stuff too! Plus I sell handsewn items at www.designsbysophie.weebly.com. Is there any way you would help to "advertise" my blog? I would, of course, return the favor :) And do you have any tips for getting traffic to my blog? How did you get so many viewers?
    Keep designing,
    Sophie <3

  2. I understand the beach coverup sentiment completely! I am very pale and if I don't stay out of the sun I'm liable to peel like a scalded tomato. Maybe I'll try a beach coverup as a precursor to making a bathing suit!

    Anelise (http://anelisemadeit.blogspot.com/)

  3. Love your blog, Lily! Totally coming back soon!


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