Sunday, March 11, 2012

Patterns Perusal

I haven't been on Burdastyle much lately, which has really been bothering me. So today I decided to see what was new. Turns out, there's a bunch! But I just picked a few favorites for my post.
     First, I have this boxy top pattern. This simple style is perfect in an array of knits and is loose enough to provide a classic shape. Not only can this pattern be made into adorable dresses, but it can also be used as a basic sloper for your future alterations or patterns from scratch.
Try this: Try setting the hem a little higher for a perfect spring crop top!
Isn't this cute? This top, and the pattern, is made by Burdastyle member Janav.

I am "sew" in love (that was 'sew' cheesy, I know) with this outfit and the whole look in general! I might have to try this!
Wouldn't it look cute in a bright lime knit with a hot pink belt? Ooo! or maybe tangerine and aqua!
This look was created by  mandicoulter

On a different note, spring also brings an array of dances and formals! My own school is holding a masquerade, and though I didn't pick up tickets, I do have my eyes set on the eighth grade graduation dance. I'm thinking of something casual yet dressy. An oxymoron, huh?
Anywho, this is the Sonja pattern by Burdastyle member  ElisaSalme.
Unfortunatley, I don't have much pics except this technical one posted by Elisa (sorry!).

But doesn't it have loads of potential?

Happy Sewing, Lilly :)

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