Thursday, December 1, 2011

Denim Shortalls: Part Two

     The leaves are turning and the world around us is turning into a mix of yellow, orange and, in some places green! But not my sewing table- which is turning into an explosion of denim threads! This week, we will be learning how to finish the bodice and sew the shorts.
      As I was sewing this, I realized that my pattern for the shorts would not fit the (pardon my crude language) "butt" of my doll. To fix this little giggle,  Please adjust the top of your shorts pattern to 4.25 inches. This will insure a perfect fit!1
     Step 1
In this step, we will be attaching the waistband pieces to the bodice. I reccomend sewing the 2 waistband pieces together first, and then pinning the fabrics so that the seams match. Once you have pinned the segments, sewin a straight line all the way around, stopping when you reach the farthest reaches, as we must leave a place for our fastening (velcro).
The end result should look like this:

Step 2:
Next, we will begin to construct the shorts. Take one of your newly refurbished back pieces, and an opposite facing piece. Sew the long side seam (the side without the crotch piece).
 Step 3: Next, sew the one of the legs to the other at the crotch. This will be your front piece. For now, we will leave the back crotch seam open so we can insert the velcro. Once you have completed this, sew up both piece at the short straight seam opposite the long one. Sorry for my poor directions! If you have ever made 4 piece shorts, dig out the directions- McCall's can probably explain better than I can!
Sewing the short seam :)
Attachting the two pairs together!

The "U" Shaped Crotch Seam- hard while leaving room for velcro!
And wa-lah! You are done with your shorts! Tune in next week when we will insert the velcro and attach the shorts to the waistband, finishing our garment! Thanks for reading!
~Lilly Ferron

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