Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi :)

  Hi, everybody! I'm Lilly, an avid teen sewer. In this blog, I will post sewing videos, each part of my upcoming "how to course." Don't already know how to sew? No problem! I'll show you some of the basics in these comprehensive videos.
  Another cool feature is the fact that I will be adding patterns, so you can print them off at home.  The great thing about sewing your own clothes iss that the possibilities are endless. Patterns are just a start- with a few adjustments and easy alterations, you can have a completely new garment! My collection is full of chic styles, ones that I am sure that you will want to sew. :)
  I will also be posting statuses, telling my followers what I am currently sewing, along with pictures. Have questions about the process? Just ask!
  There will be tons of guides, lots of cool features, and great info on TeenSew! So stay tuned, and maybe while your at it, whip up a couple outfits!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. The only time I ever did was at age 7 and I sucked. I am so glad you put up this blog. Maybe now I can learn to really sew. I LOVE those patterns you've posted so far- the bat wing top?-"sew" cute!!!!! :P


Thanks for commenting! Feel free to leave your website name- I'll be sure to check out what your needle and thread have been up to lately! <3 Lilly

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